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The White Wines 

Devant le Puits (CdR)


Our white blend, Devant le Puits, is made from clairettes from a  small plot. With this typical but rather unknown varietal, we have produced a well-balanced, subtle and fruity wine, with hints of pear and dried rose, and a touch green apple.

It can be served with seafood, fresh goat cheese and asparagus.

devant le puits.jpg

Près du Cabanon

This wine is made of Roussane in steel tanks, and one third is raised in oak for six months.

Its flavors are honey, apricot, honeysuckle and fresh butter.

It goes well with the best fish, grilled lobster, sauted wild mushrooms.

pres du cabanon.jpg

La Bulle Blanche (Sparkling)

A blend of Clairette and Roussanne, it is transformed by the Champagne traditional method into a delicious sparkling wine, served as well as apéritif or as a dessert wine.

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