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Les Rouges

Les Chaix (CdR)


The Cuvée des Chaix is made from old grenache grapes, which grow on a plateau that gently slopes southward. Our aim is to produce a delicate wine, one that reveals the subtleness of the noblest of southern varietals.

Duo des Achaux (CdR)


The Duo des Achaux A balanced blend of syrahs and old grenache that grow on a plateau within the appelation Côtes du Rhône Villages. It combines a subtle intensity and delicate flavors of red and black berries, and more.



Serre de la Dame (CdR)


The Cuvée du Serre de la Dame is exclusively made of syrah grapes. A rather deep red wine, it combines fruitiness (mostly blackberries) with leather scents and a touch of pepper.

Sous les Cyprès (CdR)


Sous les Cyprès, a blend of grenaches and syrahs, is aged in oak barrels to develop a velvety intensity.

Very round and powerful, it goes well with duck meat or venaison.


Le Paradis

On exceptional years, this new wine replaces the Cyprès. Made from our best Syrah, it is aged for 24 months in oak barrels.

It will be at his best with noble pieces of beef, Rossini "tournedos" or venaison.


This wine is mainly made from our oldest Grenache.

It is aged for 18 months in oak barrels and will be available during the year 2019.

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